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Designed for the field

AIGRO UP is an autonomous tool carrier that can perform tasks such as weeding and mowing. It is designed to be lightweight and yet powerful enough to work for up to 10 hours between charge cycles.

AIGRO UP has been developed with simplicity and reliability in mind, making it an affordable solution for mechanical weed control and mowing.

Available in 2022! Are you our new lead customer? Please contact us and sign-up for our lead customer program if you would like to have this machine taking care of your crops in 2022 already!

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  • Weeding
  • Mowing
  • Dual RTK GPS
  • Proximity sensors
  • Dual Li-Ion battery
  • Swappable
  • Up to 10 hr working time
  • WiFi, LTE, LoRa
  • Mobile app
Width 60 cm
Length 130 cm
Height 60 cm
Track width 44 cm

Our technology

Designed to keep running

Our machines are fully autonomous and find their way with an array of sensors. What distinguishes us is our ability to navigate in suboptimal conditions. We achieve this by using robust, industry-proven sensing techniques and components combined with smart algorithms to navigate in the plant row. The GPS is only needed for switching rows and navigating between work areas. This allows our machines to reliably follow plant rows in situations with unreliable GPS signals, such as under foliage. There is another advantage to this approach: an affordable machine that is easy to run and maintain.

Weeds don’t stop growing when a machine breaks. We know how frustrating it can be when a machine lets you down. We keep that in mind in every design choice we make. We use only high-quality components from reliable suppliers. This enables our machines to run trouble-free for thousands of kilometers, in rain or sunshine. And when parts inevitably fail, replacing them is easy. Do you know how to fix your lawnmower? Then you can fix AIGRO UP too. Just order a new part and swap it in minutes. Return the old part to us and we will recycle it or dispose of it responsibly.

For responsible growth

Technology with positive impact

At AIGRO, we believe it is our responsibility to treat our global ecosystem with respect and care. And we want to help it thrive. This is why we develop technology aimed at positive ecological impact. We envision a world where agriculture is healthy for the earth, for life and for yield. A world in which a farmer does not have to choose between People, Planet or Prosperity. A world where everyone can afford and enjoy healthy food, responsibly grown from the land.

But there’s one crucial enabler: the ability to automate tedious farming tasks. So we are on a mission to create future-proof farming automation. AIGRO UP is our first application. In the very near future, a workforce of small, smart and versatile machines will relieve humans and improve processes. These clean-energy powered agro robots will enable farmers to scale up production, and drastically reduce usage of herbicides, heavy machinery and manual labor. This will revolutionize natural food production, making it sustainable for years to come.

Peter Brier

Peter first touched a soldering iron when he was 3, and has never stopped exploring technology since. After his study (Applied Physics) he started working at innovative companies in the Eindhoven region (The Netherlands) and acquired broad knowledge of various technologies and industries. Working for international clients and with diverse multicultural teams he has brought ideas from their infancy to thriving businesses. In his off-time, he still likes to handle a soldering iron and coaches young people to make (and break) technology.

Rob Jansen

Rob has a talent for designing mechanical systems. You will find his signature in every design that he makes: lean, robust and elegant. With a proven track record in machinery for tree nurseries, Rob never stops pushing the boundaries.

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AIGRO is more than a company of enterprising tech architects and engineers. We're an worldwide ecosystem that includes research institutes, ecological organizations, suppliers and clients.

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